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All New Nimbus Weekender 11 Highlights Cannes 2023 (and FLIBS!)

Click this link to see some highlights of the W11 in Cannes.

It is no surprise that the all new Weekender 11 from Nimbus, which debuted in Cannes and was on display at FLIBS, turned heads and made waves. Members of the CenterPointe team got to spend lots of time on her at the Nimbus dealer conference in September, and were excited to show it off during the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in October. We couldn’t be more excited for our 2024 W11 to arrive this coming Spring.

According to Nimbus, the W11 is an evolution of the W9, designed with more space and features on board. This includes a spacious aft lounge area with adjustable seating arrangements, multiple sun-beds, outdoor cuisine, gyro stabilization, ample storage for gear and toys, and a generous amount of deck space, allowing for maximum freedom of movement. It has a smart functional design, as we’ve come to expect and love from the Scandinavian builder.

The interior layout and multifunctional seating arrangement are specially designed for social activities and entertaining. Large social areas are available where you can hang out with friends or family, relax, take a bath or soak up the sun on either the fore deck or on the aft deck. The W11 also includes new features such as folding side balconies for added space and flexibility when anchored and an optional hydraulic bathing platform that extends aft of the engines, which can be adjusted for usage.

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The cockpit of the W11, similar to the W9, offers superior protection. Below deck there is space for four people to stay comfortably overnight in two spacious berths and a spacious bathroom with toilet and shower.

The standout features onboard are the Lounge and large socializing spaces. The boat’s heart is found in its lounge area. This is an extra spacious and multifunctional socialising space that can be easily adapted depending on activities such as cruising, sunbathing, swimming, entertaining, lunch and dinner or a quiet afternoon of reading in the shade.

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To summarize, in the words of Joacim Gustavsson, the chief designer at Nimbus- “The W11 is designed to extend your options, take you where you want to go fast, with more space and features on board. Simplicity and ease of use were key considerations in its development, resulting in a boat with next-level comfort to maximize easy living.”