Door County Boat Storage


The CenterPointe Door County boat storage facility is the premier storage location in Door County. We can transport your yacht to our safe, secure outdoor or indoor home either heated or cold.

Door County Boat Storage Rate Schedule 2021

Winter Rates

Inside Heated Storage

$7.35 per square foot (up to including 60′)

$8.25 per square foot (over 60′)

Inside Cold Storage

$4.95 per square foot

Outside Storage

$4.00 per square foot

$5.00 per square foot (unusual boats)

$4.50 per square foot (over 50′)

Winter Vessels on Trailers (under 26′ only)

$4.00 per square foot (unheated)

$6.50 per square foot (heated)

Jet Ski Winter Storage

$400.00/$600.00 (single/double)

Dingy Winter Storage


Winter Mast Storage

$3.00 per linear foot

Cradle Storage (per season)

$275.00 non-storage customer

$100.00 storage customer

Plastic Visqueen Covering Material (NOT SHRINKWRAP)

$2.60 +Labor to cover per linear foot


Winter Storage Period:

October 1 to May 31

Summer Storage

Inside Summer Storage

$2.60 per square foot

Inside Summer Storage on Trailer (up to 26′)

$750.00 (per season, June1-September 15)

Summer Dingy, Jet Ski, Tender on Trailer

$300 single/$400 double

Brokerage Boat With CenterPointe

$200 per month

Summer Mast Storage

$3.00 per linear foot

Locker Rental (as available)

$150.00 per year (Large Locker)

$120.00 per year (Small Locker)


Summer Storage Period:

June 1 to September 30

Skilled Labor Rate (billed in 15 minute increments)


Service Call (Door County Mainland)

$100 minimum

Estimating/ Project Management Rate (billed in 15 minute increments)


Travelift Charge

Up to 60′ LOA : $12.00 per foot

Over 60′ LOA : $14.00 per foot

Crane Charge


Bottom Washing

$2.10 per foot

Holding Tank Pump Out Charge (yard)


Vessel storage includes haul-out and Launch lift and labor, and labor for Cradling the vessel. No pro-rate charges. Winter storage vessels left for the summer season WILL BE CHARGED AT THE SUMMER STORAGE RATE. ALL storage is calculated using LOA which includes bowsprits & swim platforms. Exceptions do apply; crane charges not included. *All measurements are LOA x Beam for vessels alone or maximum width x length of trailer/vessel for vessels on a trailer. 3% Environmental surcharge on all charges ($25 max.) 5.5% Wisconsin Sales Tax. All Charges and rates are subject to change at any time without notice.

We offer a full range of services at our Door County boat storage facility from spar handling to cradle rental to accommodate all of your storage issues.

Our mechanical staff is trained in the proper protection of your boat systems and the maintenance of you batteries, to give you the peace of mind your launch in the spring will go smooth.

Please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have about our Door County boat storage facility.


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